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Senhor dos Milagres, in Machico

The 9th of October, is the official day of Senhor do Milagres in Machico, though the most important day is on the eve with a night procession where thousands of persons take part. On this religious parade the public lights are turned off and people illuminate the streets of Machico with their long candles and torches, making the ambient even more religious.

This celebration remembers the flood occurred on the 9th of October of 1803 which destroyed the Bom Jesus Chapel where the “Good Jesus” statue was. This statue was pushed into the sea by the furious waters and three days later was miraculously found by an American ship which returned it to Funchal Cathedral.

Only on the 15th of April of 1813, when the former chapel was rebuilt, this statue was brought back to Machico by boat. Local people were praying on the moment that the boat bringing the statue from Funchal anchored Machico bay and the chapel’s bells started to play without anybody touching them. This was the miracle that made both the image and the chapel rebaptized as Senhor do Milagres (Lord of Miracles).

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