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Madeira Weather and Porto Santo Weather

Madeira’s weather may be described as a climate with only one season, and it would be Spring. It is not much cold neither much hot and the average temperature during the year is 19,5º C. By concept it is a mild climate but it has unique characteristics that give an exceptional amenity to Madeira’s weather, as we can not expect the same weather on the day after.

Between Summer and Winter, the average temperature gap is about 7ºC, though in the colder days one can get to a minimum of 10ºC and in the hottest days to a maximum of 35ºC. This attractive weather is due to the Golf Stream that warms the sea.

But be aware that Madeira has several microclimates as there are differences in temperature and humidity between North and South coasts and on different altitudes. Sometimes you can have 17ºC in Funchal and 0ºC in Pico do Areeiro at 1810 meters high.

Also note that on rainy days there is usually one place in Madeira where it is not raining. If you notice where the wind is coming from try to go to the opposite side of the island as it might be sunny there.

Monthly Weather Report for Madeira island

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