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Madeira traditional seafood dish - Grilled Limpets

Lapas is the portuguese name for Limpets. It is a common shellfish in Madeira which lives grabbed to the tidal rocks. This typical seafood delicacy is usually grilled in a special flat pan.

Grilled limpets are an appetizer, which is normally precede a fish dish. But they can be eaten alone or with home baked bread, accompainied with a nice cold beer or white wine.

How to do it:
  1. Put the washed limpets (lapas) on a pan
  2. Spread bits of butter, garlic, pepper and parsley over them
  3. Let them grill for about half an hour and keep pouring the sauce from the pan into the limpets
  4. Serve them in the pan with quarters of lemon so each person may flavour it according to their own taste

As we say in Portuguese… Bom Apetite!

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