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Madeira Christmas, 25th of December

The morning of the 25th of December some people will go to the mass to celebrate Christmas, but mainly people that couldn’t go to yesterday’s Christmas mass (Missa do Galo). Families will gather afterwards to have a big lunch together with traditional dishes, “Carne de Vinho e Alhos” (pork marinated for a few days in wine, vinegar and garlic), Bolo de Mel (molasses cake) between others not so typical.

It’s important to note that in mainland Portugal the traditional Christmas dish is boiled Cod fish with cabagges.

Most families gather at grandmother’s house, and open Christmas gifts there.

After Christmas lunch some families will head to Funchal downtown to admire the Christmas Lights and decorations. In Madeira, Christmas is celebrated with two public holidays 25th and 26th, though in mainland Portugal only December 25th.

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