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Bolo do Caco - a traditional bread of Madeira

This is a Madeira typical bread made of wheat powder that was named like this (caco means a broken piece) because it was cooked on a piece of broken tile put on the incandescent fire remains. It is a round and flat bread, typically seen on popular festivities and it is usually done in loco so the costumer may observe how it is made. The most tasty way to eat it is with garlic butter.

How to do it:
  1. Bolt the flour into an earthenware bowl and join the leaven and the bread dough.
  2. Add small portions of water with salt.
  3. Mix and knead until you get an homogenous dough.
  4. Divide it in small portions and make on each one a deep cut in cross with your hand.
  5. Cover the table with a white table cloth and the table cloth with flour. On the top of it put the 4 portions of dough separate from eache other.
  6. Cover them with the table cloth and let them ferment until the cuts desappear.
  7. Cook the dough over a clay or stone thin base put over tripods above high firewood.
  8. Turn the bread over to let it cook equally in both sides.
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